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The Whole Child Approach

       S.A.N.E. Strategies

Debra Dickson RPT owner of TherapyWorks and Anne Buckley-Reen OTR, an occupational therapist and owner of For Kids OT in Queens, NY developed this assessment and treatment protocol.  Deb and Anne have been teaching this course around the country for therapists for many years, and are currently co-authoring a manual for parents by the same name.

When these two women met, they found that they were both incorporating foundational intervention into their respective practices with dramatic results. These foundational strategies included: sleep strategies, nutritional balance and movement programs for home and the classroom. Having witnessed the power of the combination of nutritional and foundational interventions in their own practices, and with years of research behind them, Deb and Anne joined forces.

Each had discovered a common thread among the majority of the children they were treating. In addition to the motor, sensory and coordination problems that initially brought them to therapy, many were plagued by self-regulation challenges; sleep difficulties, picky appetites, G-I disturbances, allergies, asthma and attention problems. It seemed these symptoms were epidemic, causing significant difficulties for many of the children, both at home and at school.

Deb and Anne have done significant research on the neuro-biological, and neuro-immunological connections common to these symptoms, and developed some very simple, very effective strategies to help these children. Deb and Anne have been researching and lecturing on these topics nationally since 1998. Their goal is to share these strategies with parents in a soon to be published book entitled “The Whole Child Handbook”. They continue to lecture on S.A.N.E Strategies around the country, teaching a 2-day course for professionals as well as parent, teacher and therapist workshops. (See Calendar)

“The Whole Child Handbook: S.A.N.E. Strategies for Success” offers a scientifically based and clinically proven approach to understanding attention, learning and behavior, along with helping children achieve their full potential. Deb and Anne have done extensive research and combined this research with a total of 50+ years of clinical practice to present “The Big Picture”. This book approaches the child as a whole.

Through an understanding of the impact of sleep, activities, nutrition, and environments on brain functions, Deb and Anne have developed a plan of action that WORKS, and described it in terms that everyone can understand and find it useful.  In addition, they have provided a large number of true stories of children with a variety of diagnoses and challenging behaviors, their struggles and their resolutions. These stories come directly from a number of families who volunteered to be filmed for their conferences after achieving successful results using S.A.N.E. strategies. This book was created in response to requests of hundreds of parents and professionals whose lives have been changed by this information.


For more information on Anne Buckely-Reen please visit her website at www.forkidsot.com

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