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Seeing Through new eyes by dr. Melvin kaplan

Seeing Through New Eyes offers an accessible introduction to the treatment of visual dysfunction, a significant but neglected problem associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and other developmental disabilities.                                           
Dr. Kaplan identifies common ASD symptoms such as hand-flapping, poor eye contact and tantrums as typical responses to the confusion caused by vision disorder. He also explains the effects of difficulties that people with autism experience with "ambient vision," including a lack of spatial awareness and trouble with coordination. Other chapters give guidance on how to identify the visual deficits of nonverbal children, select prism lenses that will alter the visual field, and create individually tailored programs of therapy in order to retrain the system.                                                                                                 
This book is essential reading for parents of children with ASDs, and professionals in the fields of autism, optometry and ophthalmology, psychology and education.

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Weighted lady bug blanket by deb

Each blanket consists of ladybug cover made from durable fabrics that are pleasant to touch, and an animal-specific inner weighted liner. The inner liner is laminated with 12 evenly spaced weight pockets to provide an even distribution of weight. The liners come in either 8 pounds or 16 pounds.

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sensational kids by dr. lucy jane miller

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a condition affecting at least one in twenty children who experience sensations in taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, movement, and body awareness in a vastly different manner from how other children their ages do. What may be typical activities for most kids are a daily struggle that may result in social, emotional, or academic problems.                                                                                       
Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, the best-known SPD researcher in the world, brings together a lifetime of study to teach parents and others the signs and symptoms of SPD and its four major subtypes; ways the disorder is diagnosed and treated; sensory strategies for living with the condition; and methods to help SPD kids thrive.

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Sensory snakes by deb

The Sensory Snake offers your clients and children pressure touch and proprioceptive input while it molds to their body. It can be easily used in a classroom, worn around the neck of across the lap.

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Raising a sensory Smart child

For children with sensory difficulties-those who struggle to process everyday sensations and exhibit unusual behaviors such as avoiding or seeking out touch, movement, sounds, and sights-this groundbreaking book is an invaluable resource. Sensory integration dysfunction, also known as sensory processing disorder, affects all kinds of children-from those with developmental delays, attention problems, or autism spectrum disorders, to those without any other issues.

Coauthored by a pediatric occupational therapist and a parent of a child with sensory issues, this updated and expanded edition of Raising a Sensory Smart Child is comprehensive and more helpful than ever.

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living on live food book by alissa cohen

Living on Live food teaches you what a raw and living food diet is and how to get started immediately!

600 pages of inspiring, practical and easy to follow information!

Living on Live Food contains a detailed 4 week plan, complete with menu, shopping list and meal preparation instructions.

15 compelling stories with before and after photos and a large question and answer section where you will find many of the most frequently asked questions and 290 recipes!

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Current Products:

The Sensory items are created by Deb Dickson. The books are ones we feel will benefit those who read them.

Hearing equals behavior, updated and expanded edition by guy berard

Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded provides the reader current information on the impact of Berard AIT on sensory modulation and behavior, as well as the affect of Berard AIT on the auditory and visual system. The Berard method of AIT is regarded as the most effective approach available for enhanced listening skills, language, learning, and sound tolerance. Pre- and post-test data is included to demonstrate the types of improvements that may be observed after this 10-day retraining program.

This book will enable readers to understand how listening and learning can "switch on" when the auditory system is rebalanced and functioning effectively.

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Bear hugs by deb

Children with proprioceptive and tactile integration dysfunction will benefit from the sensory feedback they receive when wearing the vest. Can be used for calming to help the oversensitive child decrease hyper-responsiveness.

Add weight to your Bear Hug Vest to help increase arousal level and attention.

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