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Educational Offerings

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Brushing and compressions

  • This is a hands on workshop in which we train staff in the Brushing and compressions techniques for clients.
  • This technique should only be used by staff that have been directly trained 'hands on' by a therapist.
  • It is an hour of theory and 1 hour of hands on training
  • We can usually do 6 to 8 people in that time.

custom workshops

  • We can also do any workshops that you desire along these lines.
  • Some have asked for specifics such as selecting worksites for clients with sensory issues.
  • Setting up environments (home or day programs) for clients with sensory issues.

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Is it sensory or is it behavior?

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The NeuroDevelopmental Classroom

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The whole Child

S.a.N.E. Strategies for Successful interventions

Designed for: Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, PTA’s, COTA’s, Speech-language pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Teachers, parents and Early Interventionists

This course will provide the participants with a tool for assessing areas such as sleep, sensory processing challenges and nutrition as it relates to function.  Recognizing the underlying issues contributing to dysfunction, provides the key to designing strategies that prove successful.  Research will be presented that demonstrates how sleep, sensory processing, nutrition, and environments significantly impact social skills, learning, behavior and school performance.  Making improvements in these areas, is often the key to designing effective treatment for creating permanent improvements in sensory processing, motor skills and behavior in children with a variety of diagnoses.

Current research will be presented on areas including sleep disorders in children, nutrition and sensory processing dysfunction and its impact on learning and behavior in children. 

Participants will be learn how to recognize sleep, nutritional and sensory processing concerns.  They will also learn how to prioritize interventions and present the information to families to develop successful programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the role of sensory processing in the development of attention, social skills and visual perception.
  • Connect the dots’ between sleep, sensory and nutritional challenges and their relation to behavior and social skill development
  • Apply integrated assessment techniques and learn how to develop measurable goals
  • Identify “red flags” that warrant referral to a specialist
  • Develop effective treatment protocols to share with families
  • Develop strategies for sharing information with parents for optimal outcomes.

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