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TherapyWorks is a holistic Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition Therapy private practice, servicing children and adults with physical and developmental challenges.  Owned by Debra Dickson PT, and located in scenic Old Lyme Connecticut, TherapyWorks has been servicing clients and schools in CT for over 25 years. 

We are a holistic, multidisciplinary practice specializing in "The Whole Person".  We have highly trained therapists with experience in Neurodevelopmental Treatment, (NDT), Pediatrics, and Sensory Integration treatment techniques.

Our experienced Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are highly trained in pediatric treatment, sensory integration and neurodevelopmental treatment techniques.  They provide physical and occupational therapy services for children and adults with a wide variety of physical, learning and behavioral challenges.  

Our Registered Dietitian is highly trained in pediatrics, the metabolic needs of children and adults with developmental challenges as well as the sensory/behavioral issues surrounding picky eaters and children with more significant feeding challenges.  She provides in-depth nutritional assessments, and recommendations, individual consultations and general education for parents and caregivers.

We are, perhaps,  most well-known for our comprehensive approach in evaluating and treating children and adults with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Autism, PDD, ADHD,  behavioral challenges and developmental disabilities by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach called the “Whole Child: S.A.N.E. Strategies Assessment Protocol”, which includes assessment of Sleep, Sensory Processing, Activities (Neuro-Motor Skills), Nutrition, and Environments (See "The Whole Child" Page).  

In addition, we are well known for providing orthotics for clients with some of the most challenging issues with tone and alignment (and the simpler type as well).  Several of our therapists have specialized in, and provide, NDT based casting for Cascade Orthotics and Braces for children with cerebral palsy, for maximum tone control.

Our Services Include:
Direct services for Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy and Nutrition

Consults: Your location, or ours, for Sensory Processing and Sensory/Behavioral Assessments

Bracing and Orthotics 

Group classes for children and adults (See Groups)

Workshops and In-services for Schools, Hospitals and Home Care Settings on a variety of topics (See Educational Offerings)

School based Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Services

We also provide educational opportunities for parents and professionals (See Educational Offerings)

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